DHERST responds to POM Tech protest

The Department made this clear after the student body staged a protest over the Higher Education Loan Program or HELP.

The Port Moresby Technological College students held the protest on Thursday 2nd of July, over the approval of only a few applications for the loan program were approved by DHERST.  

They explained that not all programs offered by the College are accredited under the National Qualification Framework even though it is registered as a Higher Education Institution.

When life gets too tough…

The public is encouraged to access the Wantok Counselling Helpim Line, a toll free service targeting those affected by gender based violence.

Kinime Daniel is among the dedicated councillors who work at the Wantok Counselling Helpim Line.

Speaking at a media workshop recently, she describes her job as one of the most rewarding as she gets to help countless of people from all over the country restore faith in life, possibly saving lives.

The public is encouraged to use the toll free line 7150 8000 to access counselling services whenever life gets too tough.