Hela regional petition

Witness in Hela petition given till tomorrow

Chief Sergeant Mike Imara and lawyer John Ole were summoned by Francis Potape to appear for the petition hearing, which commenced today. Only Ole was present in court.

Trial Judge Justice Ellenas Batari gave the officer until Friday morning to appear in court or a bench warrant will be issued.

The two joined petitions challenging Philip Undialu’s election as Hela Regional member went to court this morning for parties to sort out preliminary issues. Among these were the summons and other motions.

Suggestions of Hela regional petitions being joint

Under the Election petition rules, there is a provision, allowing the joinder or consolidation of petitions that have been filed, challenging the election result of the same seat.

The petition filed by runner-up Francis Potape went for pre-trial conference today, where Undialu’s lawyer, Goiye Gileng, sought leave of the court to use six witnesses, who are also listed to give evidence in another petition that was filed by third-runner up Dr. Hemia Hewali.