Hela Provincial Health Authority (HPHA)

Hospital kitchen staff trained

In the quest to enhance the services of the newly-opened Hela Hospital kitchen, Hela Provincial Health Authority (HPHA) and Oil Search Foundation (OSF) have promptly undertaken all the required work to get the hospital’s kitchen staff up to speed with the new facility.

GeneXpert machine donated to health authority

The new GeneXpert machine will enable immediate testing and diagnosis of patients with suspected TB.

PNG has a high incidence of TB and the threat of drug resistant strains challenges an already stretched health system.  With OSF’s donation of the GeneXpert, the HPHA staff are now able to detect TB cases in just two hours and start treatment immediately.

Dr Anthony Wal, Director of Clinical Services, said previously the HPHA had to wait for Port Moresby to send back test results which could take many weeks, especially with the difficultly in transport to Hela. 

​Heart Dr positively impacts Hela children

Paediatric Cardiologist Dr Cornelia Kilalang accepted the invitation to review children with suspected heart problems and other sicknesses earlier this month. Her trip was made possible by the Oil Search Foundation (OSF), working closely with the Hela Provincial Health Authority (HPHA) and other partners.

Vaccine fridges to boost immunisation in Hela

Earlier this week, OSF handed over 11 vaccine fridges, 22 vaccine cool boxes, 44 vaccine carriers and 11 solar generators with panels to HPHA Chief Executive, Dr Gunzee Gawin and his staff at the Hela Provincial Hospital.

New vision for Hela hospital staff

The Hela Provincial Health Authority (HPHA) has partnered with the Oil Search Foundation (OSF) and a specialist eye team from Pacific International Hospital (PIH), based in Port Moresby, to conduct vision and cataract screening for HPHA healthcare staff.