Hela Governorship

Agiru happy with court decision

However, this is only temporary until the matter returns to court on February 19 for proper trial over the manner in which Komo-Magarima MP Francis Potape was elected governor on December 29 in Tari during a Hela Provincial Assembly meeting.

Justice Derek Hartshorn granted the interim orders yesterday to maintain the status-quo while they await proper trial of the matter.

Potape to file urgent appeal against decision

Speaking to the media yesterday afternoon, Potape indicated his lawyers will be filing an appeal at the Supreme Court to overthrow the National Court’s decision yesterday.

He said the application he will be filing seeks to allow him to continue in his function as Hela governor following his election by the members of the Hela Provincial Assembly meet on December 29.

Court holds decision on Hela governor’s post

Justice Derek Hartshorn after hearing the application today reserved his decision for a later date without disclosing when the matter will return to court for his ruling.

Justice Hartshorn heard the notice of motion that was filed by Agiru on Monday asking the court to grant temporary or interim orders to him (Agiru) to remain as governor of Hela and continue his functions as governor.

Agiru filed the application after he was ousted as Hela governor in a Provincial Assembly meeting on December 29 in Tari.

Potape tells Agiru: Stop misleading people

Potape was referring to a media release in one of the dailies today replacing the presidents.

He said Agiru has no power to replace or reappoint members of the provincial executive council.

"There is a process and way to deal with such issues.