Hela Governor's case 2016

Hela Provincial Assembly goes back to vote

This Provincial Assembly meet will have to be chaired by the Deputy Governor Thomas Potabe as per the Standing Orders of the Hela Provincial Assembly.

The decision came this morning after what seemed like a long, two-hour wait for the Hela provincial leaders in court and their supporters, who gathered outside the Waigani National Court buildings.

Justice Collin Makail in his decision found both the elections of Komo-Margarima MP, Francis Potape, and member Koroba-Lake Kopiagio, Philip Undialu, to the Governor’s post on July 5, were null and void.

Decision on Hela governor seat today

Justice Collin Makail of the National Court deferred that decision from Monday afternoon to this morning. Arguments in this case were heard on Aug 25.

The motion filed by Potape also seeks to restrain member Koroba-Lake Kopiagio, Philip Undialu, from acting as Governor.

Undialu was purportedly elected governor by the Provincial Assembly on the morning of July 5 at 10 o’clock while Potape was elected governor at 2pm the same day.

A Provincial Assembly meeting was conducted on June 28 in Hela. This meeting was adjourned to the afternoon of July 5.