China invites PNG medical professionals for training

This follows after the Chinese government signed a renewed protocol for the continuation of China's medical team to PNG, signalling a strong desire to continue medical and healthcare exchanges between the two countries.

The China Medical Team Leader, Chen Gang said since the inception of the team in PNG they have trained and conducted invasive healthcare services to the people of PNG and invite the PNG medical team to get medical training in overseas.

Nasfund health awareness

Through this collaboration between the National Superannuation Fund Ltd (Nasfund) and Pacific International Hospital (PIH), more than 50 staff of Nasfund based in both Port Moresby and the branch operations, who joined in via Zoom attended the session on the 14th of July 2023.

Dr Mathias Sapuri, an author and publisher of more than 60 books with 35 years of clinical experience conducted a comprehensive health talk, that ensured all staff members are equipped with vital knowledge about cancer prevention, detection, and early intervention.

Life In The Ward

This episode, the first in a two-part deep dive into the challenges facing rural health services, follows Dr Nancy Hamura as she conducts health checks for a remote community in Eastern Highlands Province.

The local health centre has not had running water for almost ten years and land disputes have left the centre unable to cater to the needs of the community.

Communication improved to access health services

The phase one of communication tool was implemented and at the same time completed by MAF Technologies which includes both High Frequency and Very High Frequency Radio.

Cross patching of the two different radio frequency will make communication convenient especially for remote communities.

Doctors from the hospital will be able to use the system to collect data while assisting patients 24/7.

NCDC aims to create healthy city

The program under the National Capital District Commission will run from June the 17th – 21st and will have a hub of activities, classes, promotions, talks, and performances. It will unite individuals, organizations and promote holistic well-being.

On Sunday 18th, the highlight was the Mass Yoga Session that was conducted by the Founder and Director of Active City Program, Fazilah Bazari, who hosted the event from 6am-8am at Ela Beach. It showcased the inclusivity and positive impact of yoga on individuals from all walks of life.

Immunization rollout wraps up

This week, health workers comprising of 10 teams under the Rabaul Provincial Hospital (RPH), Gelagela Health Centre and Rabaul town urban clinic, are now wrapping up the immunization program which kicked off in May.

District Health Coordinator, Garry Mano said according to schedule, this week will cover mop-up which includes verification of data collected during the first two weeks of the rollout.

Emotional measles campaign for CHW

In 1981, children started dying from an unknown illness, which caught the attention of International partners.

From the isolated village of Menya, in Concordia, the illness spread to other centres, like Port Moresby.

Emotionally retelling her story during the commemoration of International Nurses Day, Kahu, who is now 590-years-old, said during that time, she had the privilege of working with officers from the World Health Organisation and The Salvation Army.

Gaubin’s saving hands - Dr. Rakotoson

It is the first hospital in the country to drive a module that also incorporated, run and establish a nursing college within the hospital area. It is one of the oldest hospitals in the country and to date serves more than 120, 000 people on the island and nearby Bagabag Island.

However, Gaubin prides itself in also having some of the best medical practioners from abroad. Being a mission run hospital, specifically the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELC), they have an agreement with other ELC establishments abroad to bring in specialist doctors to Gaubin.

Healthy eating campaign launched in Lae

Brand marketing coordinator, John Tamean, outlined that in today’s fast-paced world, we are often too busy to pay attention to what we eat.

“Unhealthy eating habits have become a norm, leading to a rise in chronic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes.

“The Healthy Eating campaign consists of engaging nutritional games like quizzes and puzzles, and making learning more fun and interactive for students.

“Zenag Chicken understands that education is key to fostering healthy habits, and they aim to make it enjoyable and engaging for students.

Kerema celebrates Immunization Week

This was one of the key points emphasized by the Acting Provincial Family Health Services Coordinator, Sr. Ekaloa Mefaramu from the Gulf Provincial Health Authority (GPHA) following the launching and celebrations of the World Immunization Week held recently at the Kerema Bay, beach market.   

Sr. Mefaramu called on parents and caregivers to also make it their business to bring their children to the nearest clinics, health centres and hospitals for immunization.