Harry Kore

Need for a new mineral dept office


Secretary Kore says the department is a key government agency yet it is currently housed in a facility which constantly needs maintenance.

He said despite the trying economic situation the country is facing, he is pushing to have funding for the plan.

Secretary Kore stated that after moving out of their last office building, a pre-colonial structure, which was later condemned as not suitable, they moved into the Newtown buildings which also required continuous upkeep.

Coastal Area Benefit for offshore mining projects

Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management Secretary, Harry Kore, says the concept was developed out of sentimental attachment locals have with the sea as a resource for their livelihood.

The CAB concept will be first implemented across several wards adjacent to the Solwara 1 Deep Sea Mine Project in New Ireland Province.

Secretary Kore said the CAB, as per its structure, is implemented with a ward that is directly opposite the offshore project.