​Motu-Koita neglected for too long: Candidate

Their lands have been taken away from them and their villages lack basic services, among other things. This will and must stop!

This was the main message to more than a thousand people gathered on Wednesday evening at Gabi village, Hanuabada, to witness the first rally of Moresby north-west candidate Russel Simon Wavik.

Wavik is running under the People’s Progress Party banner.

The message was clear, it was time for the people to choose a person they believe would lead them to fight for their livelihood.

Hanuabada landowners making stand against land-grabbers

This stand came about in relation to the commotion that took place yesterday on a land right across from the HB Laurabada Church.

Rightful landowners, the Lakani family said the land was used by the family back in the days of the British Empire up until when the Australians took over the mandate and left after independence, no proper hand over take over was done.

According to their original record of the land lease dating back to the British Empire, any land leased over and after 10 years should be forfeited back to the original landowners.

Women make up majority of unbanked PNG population

While it’s a different reason for each individual, the common reason stands as financial illiteracy and long bank processes.

Arua Ginate, from Port Moresby’s largest coastal village, Hanuabada, expressed her thoughts on this during a recent graduation from a basic financial literacy course.

Arua, 65, is a pioneer participant of the Givim Han Long Laip Projek rolled out by Women in Business this year.

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Police bullet would made me useless – survivor


Nou Koroho was on his way home to Hanuabada after visiting the Nasfund office to sort out his savings on January 23 when he was shot by police.

Nasfund office closure riles members

Hanuabada issue ultimatum over deaths

Chairman of the Motu-Koita The Way Forward group, Lohia Boe Samuel told LOOP PNG, “we will demand a timeline from police see arrests or resort to the unthinkable again. Setting up roadblocks.”

A planned get together by families and sympathisers of the two young men killed when police fired into the betelnut market at Hanuaba village on Saturday to be led by Lohia and his team did not eventuate.

This was to have taken place the final resting places of both men, beside Hanuabada village to commemorate their first anniversary.

Hanuabada update: Investigators to go in with metal detectors

The equipment will be used as part of a more detailed investigation of the  shooting scene.

Acting Director of Crimes Moses Ibsagi says  this will see investigators  go into the big urban village of  Port Moresby during this week.

Ibsagi says that all 15 eye witness statements have been processed with investigators going over additional information that has been made available to the team.

Meantime, this time around, Ibsagi says that his team has been meeting positive feedback from the villagers who have all expressed confidence in the team.

Hanuabadans cry foul

Villager councillor David Davai tells Loop PNG that four graves were dug up from the site opposite Haraga Primary School yesterday against the wishes of their families.

Davai says that this is a bullying tactic that is being used by the National Capital District Commission officials and contractors.

A shocked Davai says  that some of the family members did not even know that the graves of their loved ones were being dug up.

He says that this is sacrilegious and shows no respect for the custom of the dead in the area.