Hakaua Harry

National planning dept inks deal with NRI

This predominantly encompasses the modelling aspect of development planning and in liaison with the National Research Institute, which would shed light on the main features on the reality of the economy and planning.

The model is narrowed down specifically to economic modelling – a mathematical representation of the linkages between selected elements of the economy.

MP’s told to provide five year plans

DNPM Secretary, Hakaua Harry, told MP’s during the National Parliament Induction Programme that this is to ensure that the Government can allocate resources in a coordinated manner to their electorates.

Harry said the department was a key institution which facilitated the implementation of all development plans and programs and the MP’s must work closely with them.

She said previously MP’s would work in isolation without any overall coordination resulting in ineffective outcomes.

Planning project updates presented to new minister

Officers of the National Planning office were given an opportunity to give brief updates on the status of projects that were working on.

They also outlined their plans on how effective this projects will be on the national level.

Hakaua Harry the secretary for planning said the role of the national planning in the development of this country was an important part.

It was also an opportunity that she saw fit to acknowledge former National Planning minister Charles Abel.

ADBI dean arrives for forum

Yoshino, as well as a technical team from the ADBI, is in the country to give presentations during the Green Infrastructure and Poverty Reduction in the Pacific Islands Regional Conference.

Welcoming Yoshino was Department of National Planning and Monitoring Secretary, Hakaua Harry, and Government protocol officers.

In a media conference, Secretary Harry said his presence and his technical team mark the beginning of the ‘Green Infrastructure’ agenda for the country and region.

​Education remains a key priority: Secretary

National Planning Department Secretary, Hakaua Harry, said this during the opening of dormitories and classrooms at Madang Teacher Training College, Madang Province, recently.

“The delivery of this project, through the funding support of European Union, no doubt further strengthens our partnership in meeting development challenges in the country,” stated Harry.

​Over K5.5m infrastructure for college

The Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the EU in PNG, Ioannis Giokarakis-Argyropoulus, and the Secretary of the Department of National Planning and Monitoring, Ms Hakaua Harry, opened the facilities and handed them over to the Madang Teacher Training College.

The event was witnessed by over 300 signatories, guests, visitors, students and patrons.

This is the biggest infrastructure investment the school has taken on since the establishment of the college in 1963.

Grants are not money for MPs, says Planning Secretary

She made this comment during the 2017 National Budget Press Lock-up on Monday when questioned about how her department deals with MPs writing their names on the vehicles, than stating district development grant.

“The purpose of DSIP is to ensure that each sector in the district is brought up to a stage we want to see them, like improvement to education, health, infrastructure and law and justice,” Harry said.     

The Secretary said, it is common for MPs to print their names on vehicles and her department will need to educate MPs that these are public funds.

Capital Investment budget has big reduction

To maintain this level a revised ceiling of K4 billion (K4, 013.3 million) has been allocated for the Capital Investment Budget to accommodate grants, loans, fixed commitments and a limited number of well performing ongoing projects.

This was revealed by Secretary of the Department of Planning & Monitoring, Hakaua Harry, during yesterday’s 2017 National Budget Press Lock Up.

The revised ceiling sees a reduction of K1 billion (K1, 082.6 million) for the 2016 appropriation level.