Hagen Open seat

​Court: Move container back to Hagen police station

The Waigani National Court today issued the order after it was satisfied that the Kimininga Police Barracks, where it is currently kept, is not a transparent and secure location.

Election petition presiding Judge, Justice Collin Makail, ruled that apart from Kimininga being a police barracks, the environment does not guarantee the safety of the container, because there was evidence put before court that it does not have a check-point.

The container was initially in Kimininga, where the counting was held but was later moved to the police station.

Review - This week in court

Despite this week seeing Supreme Court sittings held at Waigani, other lower courts were quiet.

Most cases in the National Court were deferred while in Port Morebsy, the District Court saw matters deferred to other dates on Tuesday and Friday, mainly due to the engagement of police prosecutors in the security operation for NCD polling.

In East New Britain, a grandfather was sentenced to 39 years in prison for the persistent sexual abuse of his two granddaughters by the Kokopo National Court.

Appeal over Hagen RO appointment dismissed

This appeal was filed by James Yoka Ekip and Simon Sanagke.

According to Electoral Commission list of candidates, Ekip and Sanagke are two candidates vying for the Hagen Open seat this election.

The appeal is challenging the National Court’s decision in refusing leave to judicially review the decision of Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, in appointing Paul Goema and Andrew Kerowa, as the returning officer and assistant returning officer respectively.