Grade 12 National Examinations

School Awards Its Top Students

The students received prizes in their respective areas of achievement and categorized accordingly to their placings in PNG.

Coming in 3rd in the country was Joash Pagun who received a car. Placings from 4 to 10 were given a laptop and android tablet. Those in the 11 to 100 positions were awarded laptops.

Over 11,000 Gr 12 students selected

This figure indicates a slight increase in the number of students entering higher learning institutions after Grade 12 examinations.

A total of 25,000 students sat for the 2017 Grade 12 National Examinations.

47 percent have successfully secured spots in colleges and universities.

This is an increase of about a thousand students compared to the last Grade 12 national selections in 2016.

Education Minister: We have ways to detect exam cheaters

He says he shares the concerns of his department, the parents, higher learning institutions, and the general public.

He said in a statement: “The perpetrators of such an insidious act are threatening the intellectual abilities and potentials of students who compete industriously in classes and schools to develop their mind comprehensively.

“Also, the cheaters are not doing justice to themselves, their competitors, their parents and the higher learning institutions that have limited intake placing.