Governor Robert Agarobe

Illegal squatters to be kicked out: Governor

Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe sounded the warning as the Provincial Government is currently registering and confirming all assets owned by the Province.

The Governor said a business plan will be put against the province’s assets to drive the business and revenue making interests of the province.

Agarobe was asked on the status of the former Central Province Headquarters in Port Moresby, which is currently being occupied by squatters.

“It’s not about reclaiming. We own that piece of land. Those ones who are squatting they will be kicked out of there.”

Central Provincial Land Board reestablished

This was the statement by Governor Robert Agarobe during the swearing-in of the new board members today.

During the swearing-in of the seven board members, Central Governor Robert Agarobe said land issues are prevalent around the country, and Central Province is no exception.

He believes that the establishment of a land board will ensure this commodity will be utilised in a more coordinated and sustainable manner for his people’s benefit.