Governor Kelly Naru

Wrong time to change leadership, says Naru

In a media conference today in Lae, the Governor said we are months away from the national elections and a vote of no-confidence is unnecessary.

"I did sign for the vote last year but not this year, which was lodged on the 22nd of March," he said.

Naru stated that he didn’t meet with the government or the opposition regarding the vote of no-confidence and therefore didn't sign the papers, which subsequently didn't muster the required numbers.

He dispelled rumours that both parties contacted him for support.

School uniforms reach remote area pupils

And this time it has done this for some schools in far-flung Menyamya district.

Tsewi and Hakwange primary schools were the recipients of school uniforms from Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru.

He was accompanied by the manager of BNDL Tailoring, the supplier of school uniforms, Terry Agai.

School children and their teachers, the beneficiaries of the project, openly wept in front of the Governor.

Wantoat farmers display yams at NARI Field Day

But the people are distinctively unique.

They know how to till the land that they live and work.

It is not necessarily important whether they are close to an urban setting where basic government services are at their disposal.

What matters is their upbringing of origin they inherit from their ancestors.

Yesterday at the 18th NARI Field Day, Bubia, just outside Lae, yams as high as two meters were displayed.

Farmers throughout Morobe and the rest of the Highlands had stalls to display their garden produce.