Governor for Central Province

“Repentance needed in Central”

This was stated during the Provincial Government Dedication Service held on 30th of January, 2023.

“We need to reflect on ourselves, we need to look at how and where we went wrong. Because it’s not just bureaucracy or government it’s also our people in communities. This is something we need to look at as an agenda preparing ourselves for 2025. I will leave that with the Churches on how do we do repentance moving forward,” she stated.

Central Province privileged

“Education started here in Central Province because Missionaries came here in Central Province. In many ways we were fortunate and advanced unlike many parts of PNG. It was demonstrated in our development indicated in those times,” said Governor Peter at today’s dedication service.

“As a province here we did build assets, human administration, assets in business with our political leaders and over the years to make sure Central Province was the best performing. Unfortunately, over the years we had leaders that sold our assets limiting us to limited internal revenue.

Laptops for Central Province students

Agarobe was speaking during the presentation of four laptops to students from Pacific Adventist University (PAU) and University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) at his office in Konedobu, Port Moresby, on Friday, June 22nd.

He said: “What we are doing is not a free handout, this is part of preparing you and building you up to be special and different.

Sports becoming an industry: Governor

He says this industry is one that is gradually expanding and in the near future, it will create pathways for education and employment for those that will excel in sports.

Agarobe was addressing students and teachers attending the 6th Central Province secondary & high schools sports carnival at the Sir John Guise stadium on Monday.

He said the carnival will offer a lot of challenges for the students and the teachers to achieve the objectives that have been set out for the weeklong event.

Start thinking Central Province: Agarobe

This was the message from Governor for Central Province, Robert Agarobe, during yesterday’s Central Provincial Day at the Sir John Guise stadium.

Since the concept of hosting provincial days was adopted in 2012, the Central Province Students Association of UPNG has always been in the frontline in getting the event organised for their province.

Governor Agarobe thanked the students’ association and welcomed everyone that attended.