Governor Allan Bird

K50m Boram airport upgrade

The K50,900,000 project was launched today in Wewak with the ground breaking ceremony by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, Civil Aviation Minister Alfred Manase, and East Sepik MPs, Governor Allan Bird,  Wewak MP Kevin Isifu and Yangoru-Saussia MP Richard Maru.

The provincial head, despite being in the Opposition, was among dignitaries who welcomed the Prime Minister.

The Boram airport, which is currently 1,600 metres, will be extended by 120 metres.

ESP notes progress in financial system

During its 2019 budget handover early this week, Governor Allan Bird spoke highly of the system, saying it comes at a time when his government is focused on building its capacity in governance and public service.

At the presentation of the East Sepik Province 2019 budget to Treasury, Governor Allan Bird commended the national government for implementing the Integrated Financial Management System, which will help the provincial government physically implement its budget this year.

“MPs will be able to see how LLG funds are being utilised,” said Bird.

Meeting parents halfway with school fees

Governor Allan Bird said the provincial government will commit K1 million out of the Provincial Services Improvement Program fund, and another million from the province's internal revenue to implement the policy in the initial stages, with long term plans to increase internal revenue to fully fund the implementation of this policy.

Governor Bird said the provincial government will be fair when funding the subsidy.

Specific requirements in the policy will include supporting a maximum of two children per family.

Why Dr Malau raised his hand for PA post

“I was motivated to support a leader like Governor Allan Bird in his aspirations to make a difference for the people of the East Sepik Province and be an example to the rest of PNG,” says Dr Malau.  

He says he is capable of taking up the provincial administrator’s position despite a background in health due to his credentials with Harvard University.

“Harvard public health taught me the values of humanity: Fairness, justice, equality, and using evidence for decision making in public health practice.