Governor’s Walk for Life

Affected residents to contact NCD Governor’s office

The weekly walk took a turn for the worse on Sunday when opportunists attacked motorists and commuters.

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says he will help repair the damages and loss to cars and property.

He further revealed that NCDC buses were also vandalised and attacked during the walk. Stones and rocks were hauled at the buses until the windows shattered.

Though Sunday’s situation was regrettable, Parkop says he will not let these hooligans stop the event that bonds residents together.

Governor’s walk marred by opportunists

Over K2,000 worth of belongings, five people and three motorists were reportedly assaulted on Sunday at different locations.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop described the situation as ‘regrettable’.

He is saddened by what had occurred to residents but he will not let these hooligans stop the weekly walk, which has been going on for over two years.

Responding to this newsroom, the governor reiterated that the walk is for residents to feel they belong.