Government signs Deed of Agreement with FFI

In another bold move to "Take Back PNG", the Government signed the 'Deed of Agreement' yesterday with Australian company Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), the world’s fourth largest producer of iron ore.


The Minister for State Enterprises William Duma and Founder/Owner of FMG Dr Andrew Forrest, signed the instrument, witnessed and co-signed by Prime Minister, James Marape and FMG CEO Julie Suttleworth.


Pruaitch joins Marape-Steven Government

Pruaitch made the announcement today witnessed by Prime Minister James Marape and other Government Ministers and MPs.

National Alliance party had 19 members in the National Parliament. ,

More to come....

Picture courtesy of Tony Maben

PM acknowledges Opposition numbers

On Tuesday, the Government used its numerical strength to outplay the Parliamentary process and procedures of a motion to remove the Speaker of Parliament.

After that, Speaker Job Pomat allowed a motion to adjourn the house to May 28th.

Following the Parliament session PM O’Neill said the Opposition has tested their numbers and they are very happy that they have a good number to hold the Government to account.

Schools affected by Parliament sitting

Most primary schools visited this morning either had no classes or had dismissed students before 10am.

Students from Ted Diro Primary School said they were sent home early but will have normal classes on Wednesday.

Police personnel were also seen on foot patrol around the city, conducting random checks.

The road to the Parliament from the National Court as well as from the International Convention Centre was blocked off.

NIPG to effect Road Traffic Act changes

This comes after its Provincial Executive Council meeting on the 26th of February took note of the Road Traffic Act of 2014, in particular the schedule of fees and effects of legislative changes.

Governor and PEC Chairman Sir Julius Chan directed all relevant stakeholders, including Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited and Road Transport Authority, to commence dialogue on the proposed Memorandum of Agreement between the New Ireland Government and the Road Traffic Authority.

Fiji opposition says govt evading being served with legal papers

SODELPA and the National Federation Party had 24 hours to serve all FijiFirst MPs with the legal papers as part of their action disputing last month's election results.

SODELPA MP Lynda Tabuya said bailiffs had been trying to serve the papers on the MPs at the office of the Attorney General but had not been allowed in.

She said some of the MPs had spent the night in the offices and food had been supplied throughout the day.

NA dispels rumours of joining Gov’t

The response was triggered after member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, posted on social media saying thre were talks of NA being offered seven portfolios if it moved over to the Government benches.

According to a spokesperson for National Alliance, the party is intact and such rumors were just perpetrated to destroy the good image of the party.  

The source said the Party will release an official statement soon to dispel this rumor. 

The party spokesperson also called on those who instigated this rumor, to not interfere with the affairs of another political party.

Boycott ‘unbecoming of leaders’

Deputy Prime Minister, Charles Abel, said the Opposition leaders were not voted in to behave in such a manner.

Abel was accompanied by Government ministers yesterday, including ICT and Energy Minister, Sam Basil.

He said the referral was made and there was no need to boycott Friday’s session.

Locked doors greet staff

Staff of the Auditor General and Public Prosecutor’s Office found chains and locks around grill doors upon their return from the Easter long weekend.

Both offices occupied levels 3 to 6 of the TISA Haus at Waigani.

A Strickland Real Estate notice read: “Under instructions from the landlord, please be advised that due to nonpayment of rental, resulting in significant rental arrears, the Public Prosecutor’s office at TISA Haus has been locked out.

"Once rental arrears are fully paid, the restriction of access will be removed.”

WHP’s mission to be self-reliant

Acting Provincial Administration Stanley Maip said this is the new approach the Provincial Government Team is taking now that the country is going through cash flow issues.

“Complaining and waiting is a waste of time”.

At least that’s what the Western Highlands Provincial Administration believes when it comes to delivering services.

The National Government hasn’t come good with the promised Services Improvement Program Funds and Provincial Support Grants, but this province is not complaining.