Government funding

Chief Ombudsman visits collapsed Busu Bridge

Joined by Nawaeb MP Theo Pelgen, Nawaeb CEO Buds Botikie, Nawaeb District Technical Team, and Provincial Works Department Engineers, the Chief Ombudsman wants to ensure there is value for money allocated and spent.

Witnessing the aftermath of a landslip at Kasuka and inspecting the collapsed Busu Bridge at Boana Pagen emphasized the necessity for the National Department of Works and Highways' to be involved in all road and bridge projects.

Gov’t Entities Boost Soccer Campaign

The Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (Kumul Petroleum) and National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) have financially backed the team with a total sponsorship of K750,000.

Kumul Petroleum dished out K250,000, while NGCB fulfilled their outstanding commitment releasing K500,000 to PNG Football Association on Wednesday, 20th July. 

PNG Football Association President, John Kapi Natto stated that the funding will boost their campaign as the women’s team have already advanced to the quarter final against Tonga on Saturday.