Gordon Secondary School

Gordon Secondary School Mark 50 Years

This year, as the school celebrates its 50-year anniversary, the focus on producing high quality education for its students remains its main priority.

School Principal, George Wek Kenega stressed that Gordon Secondary remains one of the best in the country in academic performance, discipline and conduct of both students and teachers.
“We not only produce high quality students, but we also have high quality teachers who give their best to the students,” said Mr. Kenega.

Gordon Secondary To Mark 50 Years

Celebrating 50 years means the school is one of the oldest in the country. Gordon Secondary School is also a pioneer in the secondary education reforms in the 1990s and has been a benchmark school.

Many have passed through its gates in five different eras.

Gordon High School then was the third school to gain secondary status in 1994. The school continues to strive in quality education guided by its;


With God as our guide, we strive for excellence in learning, living and serving and;


Grade 12 Written Expression Exam

Out of the 328 grade 12 students of Gordons Secondary School in Port Moresby, 29 students were absent for the examinations.

School Principal George Kenega said the students were given the resource booklet a week earlier to prepare for the exams. The topic of discussion was on COVID-19.

Principal Kenega said he is confident that his students did well in the examination.

Mr Kenega also mentioned that the school is struggling with funds for the upkeep of the school because the government as well as some parents, have not paid their component of the fees.

Passionate outgoing Gr 12 athlete recognised

20-year-old Roland Hure, from Barakau, Central Province, was one of the 281 Kokofa students who graduated yesterday in Port Moresby.

He is Gordon Secondary School’s 2018 sportsman of the year.

From the science stream of biology and chemistry, Hure was recognised at the 24th Grade 12 graduation ceremony.

This budding athlete, who scooped gold in the 2017 Pacific Mini Games men's long jump, managed to complete secondary school by giving 40 percent of his time to his studies, while the rest is dedicated to sports.

Meet Gordon secondary’s Gr 12 science dux

Parents, guardians, friends and relatives in Port Moresby turned up to witness the closing of a chapter in their loved one’s life.

281 outgoing Grade 12 students received their attainment certificates today at the Gordon Secondary School hall.

Wearing their white and maroon uniforms for the last time, students from the seven Grade 12 classes walked up to receive their certificates in front of proud family members.

Among them was Grace Mageo, who was awarded dux of the Grade 12 science students.

​Kokofa show underway

The Kokofa show is a bi-annual celebration which was once more staged today.

The usual white and maroon school uniform was traded for traditional attire as a total of 22 cultural groups came out to show pride for their origin.

This was satisfying for school principal George Wek Kenega, who said in this day, many students did not know their cultural identity.

“Having a show like this will promote culture and allow the students to know where they come from,” he said.

VIDEO: Pros and cons of technology and social media


Office of Censorship was at the Gordon Secondary School this afternoon to share the pros and cons of technology, because as we all use some form of technology everyday, it was equally important to understanding its impact and influence, which may be far greater and beyond a harmless profile picture.
The Office of Censorship illustrated its impacts today; telling students that while it's their right to access information online  it's their responsibility to understand and use it wisely.


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