Pilot Project for ferry

He stated this during the partnership renewal for Rural Airstrip Agency of PNG and GoPNG yesterday.

Rural Airstrip Agencies Database launched

The database shows rural airstrips all over the country. It indicates which airstrips are in use, which are domain and which are currently rehabilitated. Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation, Walter Schnaubelt, opened the database by clicking on the database map to indicate the airstrips.

RAA Chief Executive officer, Hau’ofa Sailasa, said due to the delicensing of airstrips, there are over 200 airstrips being surveyed.

RAA and GoPNG renew partnership with MoU

The partnership is to ensure the critical and effective work of connecting rural communities across PNG is continued to effectively contribute to the economic and social development for the economy. 

Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation, Walter Schnaubelt, stated that in addition to the renewal, RAA transitions from being an interim vehicle of a non-profit organization, into a fully-fledged government entity.

PNG to test new framework in readiness for disasters

As demonstrated by the ongoing volcanic eruption of Manam Island in Madang Province, PNG is prone to regular natural disasters. The country faces a steady threat from a wide range of hazards including floods, cyclones, landslides, drought, earthquakes, among others.

The volcano on Manam Island began spewing heavy smoke from the crate over the past week causing more than 700 villagers to flee the island.