Gopera Investment Ltd

Maipakai removed as chairman of Landowner Company

The Board made the decision after Maipakai allegedly mismanaged the landowners’ funds.

Company Director Luke Damu said Maipakai had not delivered to the people in terms of tangible services for the last 15 years as the capacity of the chairman of the company.

He said he has been using the directors who are semi illiterate to sign agreements with Rimbunan Hijau to do loggings in their area for his own benefits.

3 more Gulf men arrested for fraud

The first arrest was carried out on 2 February in NCD, which saw Luke Damu from Wowobo village, Kikori District, get charged with:

  • One count of official corruption
  • One count of false pretence
  • Four counts of making documents without authority
  • Two counts of conspiracy to defraud
  • One count of offering bribery and
  • One count of misappropriation of K274,250.28 belonging to Gopera Investment Ltd