Google CEO made nearly $200 million last year

Google CEO Sundar Pichai received nearly $199.7 million in compensation last year, double the amount he made in 2015, according to a filing Friday from Google's parent company, Alphabet (GOOGL, Tech30).

Google and Facebook duped in huge 'scam'

In March, it was reported that a Lithuanian man had been charged over an email phishing attack against "two US-based internet companies" who were not named at the time.

They had allegedly been tricked into wiring more than $100m to the alleged scammer's bank accounts.

Google just deleted “System Update” malware living on Play Store for 3 years

But what’s has been known lately has a hidden surprise element.

A malware, disguised as “System Update”, managed to exist on the Google Play Store for around three years since it was last updated in 2014. It might have lived for some more time if a security firm Zscaler didn’t contact Google regarding the existence of the app, hiding a spyware called SMSVova.

Burger King advert sabotaged on Wikipedia

The ad triggered the devices to read out information about the burgers from online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

However, somebody edited Wikipedia to describe the Whopper as the "worst hamburger product" and another added cyanide to the list of ingredients.

The BBC understands the ad was blocked.

Google did not publicly confirm this, saying only that it had "no involvement" in the campaign.

But Burger King confirmed to the BBC that after the first iteration of the ad was blocked, it ran a tweaked version on US TV.

US Labor Department goes after big tech for discrimination

So far, the Trump administration is keeping them going.

The cases have yet to be settled and the one against Google is now generating negative headlines in court. The development has surprised some people, considering the Trump administration's pro-business posture. Experts say it is largely the result of the vacancy at the top.

"It's just the slowness of the appointment process," says David Fortney, former acting solicitor for the Department of Labor during the George H.W. Bush administration.

Google’s new ‘Fake News Fighting Tool’ launches globally

Google is rolling out their new feature called Fact Check.

Fact Check is designed similar to the fake news fighting tool recently announced by Facebook. Google owns one of the biggest news consumption platforms in the world, and the company says the fact checks are “presented so people can make more informed judgments.”

Uber: We did not steal Google's self-driving tech

Waymo - a company spun out of Google - filed a lawsuit in February claiming former employee Andrew Levandowski had stolen 14,000 documents relating to LiDAR, a core technology used to guide autonomous vehicles.

Mr Levandowski went on to co-found Otto, a self-driving truck company acquired by Uber for $660m last year.

Waymo requested a judge grant an injunction on the use of the disputed technology, which could take Uber’s self-driving fleet - currently being tested in a few locations in the US - off the roads.

Google discovers undetected Android Spyware

Dubbed Chrysaor, the Android spyware has been used in targeted attacks against activists and journalists mostly in Israel, but also in Georgia, Turkey, Mexico, the UAE and other countries.

Google Home to be launched in UK in April

Google said it had "hidden a few British treats" in the device.

The speaker and assistant, which launched in the US in November, is part of a growing trend to make artificial intelligence available in homes.

The firm is also launching its own wi-fi service in the UK, in an attempt to solve the "frustration when wireless connectivity fails at home".

Like Amazon's Echo, Home can answer basic queries as well as control smart home devices, such as lights.

Can Google police YouTube?

A new blog by Google's Chief Business Officer promises more safeguards for advertisers. But I've seen for myself just how hard it seems to be for Google to police its platform.

Philipp Schindler, who runs the Google advertising business, the profit engine fuelling the entire search empire, repeats the apology to advertisers made yesterday by his colleague Matt Brittin.