Google Maps

Google Maps solves the nagging 'What's your ETA?' problem

Google wants to help people answer those age-old (and tiresome) questions -- without using any words at all.

On Wednesday, Google announced a Maps update that adds a new location-sharing feature. The update gives people the option to share their real-time whereabouts, and their travel routes, with select contacts for a chosen time period, according to a blog post from Google Maps engineering manager Daniel Resnick.

How to save Google maps for offline use

But what if you are running short. But what if you are running short on your data and internet connection? Nokia’s Here Maps provides an option to download the maps for offline use.

Also, there is a way to save Google Maps for offline use. This is a bit different from the Here map’s ability to download the maps in bulk.

Saving Google Map By Finding Area Using Search Bar

Google Maps lets you step inside Rio's Olympics 2016 venues

And now Google Maps is letting us take a peek inside the stadia.

The mapping tool allows you to enter the 25 indoor venues that will host the Olympics' sporting events come August.

To jump in and see what the venue looks like on the inside, select it on Google Maps (here's Maracanã​ to start, where the football will be played), zoom in and click on it.

In the bottom-right of the screen you'll see options for the floors and levels - click one, and you'll be transported there.

Then just have a mooch about and take in the view.