Gold rush

Fake preacher kicked out of Bougainville

In a covert operation led by former rebel planner Ben Kamda, it was carefully and professionally executed.

Speaking to Loop PNG, Kamda said the expatriate, who sounded like an American, came to Bougainville and started preaching in Buka town. Then he moved down to Arawa in central Bougainville and was residing in a local guest house.

“Under the table he had already set up his network which involved some of our politicians and top brass whom I can’t name right now,”  Kamda said.

Gold discovered on Tourism site in AROB

Right at the entrance of the second largest cave in the world “Benua” in Korepovi village Keriaka North Bougainville, in the Kunua district.

Keriaka is in the west coast of Bougainville which borders north and Torokina South Bougainville, where currently there is a gold rush.

People have now already began flocking to Keriaka but have been blocked and stopped by village chiefs who have now opposed the idea of alluvial mining.

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PNG PM ensures Paraka-gate legal vortex gets deeper

Papua New Guinea's prime minister has filed a legal application for the Supreme Court to revisit a decision this week in relation to the so-called Paraka-gate case.


Foreign nationals hype Torokina’s gold rush

Business houses in Buka have also being reported supplying huge amounts of cash to their own agents in Torokina to buy gold.

A miner in the area Arnold Johnson told PNG Loop that the number of people coming in to buy gold has now increased, especially with foreign nationals wiring money in.

“We have heard and are even seeing transaction with our own eyes coming in from overseas, especially from Western Union in our local BSP bank here in Buka,” Johnson said.

Lawyer says alleged Nazi train has precious minerals

A gold rush has erupted in the southwestern Polish city of Walbrzych after the men told authorities they have located a war-time train there, possibly with valuables. A deputy culture minister said he is 99 percent sure the train exists, adding fuel to a local legend about a Nazi gold train hidden since 1945 in a tunnel in Walbrzych.

But lawyer Jaroslaw Chmielewski told TVN24 on Wednesday the train is buried in the ground and probably holds no valuables except some precious minerals.