Gold buyer

Pay up or face jail time: Court

Joseph Wai was given a concurrent sentence of 4 years for two different charges, which the Waigani National Court found him guilty for.

He was recently convicted for conspiring with others to misappropriate K180,000. The monies misappropriated were from 781 grams of gold he got to see on behalf of Anna Sani, a local gold buyer in Wewak.

The gold was valued at AUD$36,000 which the court calculated to be equivalent to K180,000.

Judge: Increase in number of gold buyers cases in court

He made these comments today when he heard penalty submissions from lawyers on what the court should impose as sentence, on a man who was recently convicted for conspiracy and the misappropriation of over K100,000 as a gold buyer.

Sir Gibbs said many come to court asking for a suspended sentence and restitution to be paid over a period of time but the repayment monies come in ‘dribs and drabs’.