Goilala’s big village of Rupila can now ring out

Today, it was Rupila, a major village with an estimated population of 1,000, about 40km from Tapini station and situated closer to the border of Morobe Province.

Rupila is now the seventh major village in the district to have a VSAT, enabling locals access to telecommunication.

Not only that, but according to VSAT project owner Steven Clay, the project also rolls out national television stations – NBC and EM TV, on the same platform.

Polling for Goilala set to begin

The training will wrap up by tomorrow as polling in Goilala area is set to begin this week.

Initially polling was supposed  to begin today, but training was halted due to the late payment to airlift officials into the polling area.

Meantime, the PNG Electoral Commission anticipates the polling to start by the end of this week.

Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen tells PNG Loop that a total of 33 candidates are vying for the vacant Goilala open seat following the death of the late MP Daniel Mona earlier this year.