Goilala Member William Samb

Goilala’s big village of Rupila can now ring out

Today, it was Rupila, a major village with an estimated population of 1,000, about 40km from Tapini station and situated closer to the border of Morobe Province.

Rupila is now the seventh major village in the district to have a VSAT, enabling locals access to telecommunication.

Not only that, but according to VSAT project owner Steven Clay, the project also rolls out national television stations – NBC and EM TV, on the same platform.

Samb puts funds to revive services in Goilala

Goilala Member William Samb was on ground over the weekend to talk with the people regarding initiatives to revive services in the area.

He presented K30,000 cash to the Auga-Dilava community to build a classroom and teachers houses.

“Time is of essence and we cannot prolong the denial of our children from education,” he said, when presenting the money to community leaders.

He told the people to use the available resources referring to materials from the bush to renovate two classrooms, build a new grade three classroom and two teacher’s houses.