Girl shot in Christchurch mosque attack shows signs of progress

In an update to a Givealittle page set up by a workmate, Alen Alsati's father said she was able to sit up for half an hour. However, they are unsure what Alen can and can't see and her eyes do not track or fix on anyone.

"Please keep praying for us - every small development is very exciting," the family said.

Speaking to Checkpoint last week, her father - Christchurch barber Wasseim Alsati - said he would always take Alen for a fluffy and two marshmallows on Friday mornings, and then take her home before prayers - but that day they went to the mosque together.

Gr 2 student allegedly missing

Rihanna Kawage was last seen getting into a vehicle after school.

This information had been posted online with pictures of the elementary student and the registration number of the vehicle that allegedly picked her up.

The online post was put up on Wednesday with the vehicle registration number, claiming Kawage had been pushed into the vehicle, as if forcefully.

This newsroom was at the elementary school yesterday morning and confirmed with both the head and class teachers that the girl had not been to school for two days.