United States fights back to top group

The tournament is underway in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, from November 13-December 3 with 16 participating countries pooled in four groups.

USA has taken the lead on the points ladder for Group C, gaining three more points after defeating New Zealand 3-1 on Thursday, 17 November.

The North American team leads Group C on four points followed by New Zealand in second place on three points.

After two draw games against USA (nil all) and Ghana (2-2), France holds third place with two points and Ghana is behind on one point.

Germany coach: Retaining Cup won’t be easy

Germany coach Maren Meinert admitted that it’s not going to be an easy task because all teams came well prepared.

Meinert said they will take one game at a time and stay focused in order to win the tournament.

After defeating Venezuela 3-1 at their first match on Monday, Meinert said that she expected exactly the type of challenge put up by Venezuela because she knew they can play very good football.

The coach revealed that even though they’re the defending champions, they’re still a new team with different players compared to the last World Cup in Canada 2014.

Germany, Brazil, Japan and NZ lead groups

The tournament is underway from November 13-December 3 at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Germany is pooled in Group D with Mexico, Venezuela and South Korea.  

The Germans share three points with Mexico following their victories over Venezuela 3-1 and South Korea 2-0 respectively.

Germany however, is ahead on the ladder due to points for and against. Mexico is second on the ladder followed by Venezuela then South Korea.

In Group A, Brazil and North Korea share three points following their victories over home side PNG 9-0 and Sweden 2-0 respectively.

Germany records first win in U-20 FIFA World Cup

The Germans defeated Venezuela 3-1 in the first match for Group D on Day Two in front of 1 858 supporters.

Germany wasted no time opening up the score board through Madeline Gier with the first goal just two minutes into the game.

Venezuela fought back after 23 minutes to level the score 1-1 through Mariana Speckmaier.

16 minutes later Venezuela's Idalys Perez again attempted to score from a back flip kick few meters out but failed to find the net.

Germany and Venezuela match underway at NFS

Germany is out to defend the Cup while Venezuela is making their debut in the tournament.

The match kicked off at 4pm under fine weather conditions is the first match for Group D.

The Germans, in black and white colors, are led by Captain Rebecca Knaak.

The debutants, in yellow and port red colors, are led by Captain Yenifer Gimenez.

The second match for Group D will commence at 7pm between Mexico and Korea Republic.

The crowd is slowly filling the stands to witness the two matches.


Defending champion Germany takes to field today

Group D kicks off with an exciting clash between heavyweights Germany and Venezuela.

The three times champion will be aiming to retain the title as they kick-off their World Cup campaign while Venezuela will be making their debut.

The match will commence at 4pm at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby.

The Germans will be making their sixth appearance in this World Cup, and have included five players in their squad who played at the last World Cup in Canada.

Trump's rude awakening for Germany

Berliners were marking the anniversary of Kristallnacht (when Jewish people and their businesses were violently attacked in 1938).

It was barely noted amid the febrile howl of international reaction to the US election. Neither was the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which shares the same date.

But both events - and all that they represent of this country's past - explain, partially at least, why Germans were so repulsed by Donald Trump's election rhetoric and why so few (4% by one poll's reckoning) wanted him in the White House.

Tesla ordered to dump Autopilot brand in Germany

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) confirmed it had told Tesla to scrap the "misleading" term.

It said the term gave customers "incorrect expectations" that they could stop concentrating on the road and let Autopilot take over completely.

Tesla said it had always told drivers to keep their hands on the wheel.

The Autopilot software helps cars:

Syrian terror suspect Jaber al-Bakr commits suicide in cell in Germany

The website of Der Spiegel said Jaber al-Bakr had been on hunger strike and was under round-the-clock surveillance.

He had been turned in to police on Monday by three Syrian refugees after being on the run for two days.

German police had been watching him for months, but failed to arrest him when they raided his flat on Saturday.

Al-Bakr, 22, had been granted asylum after coming to Germany last year.

German intelligence received reports last week that he might be planning an attack, and they alerted police in the eastern state of Saxony.

Germany drops Turkey President Erdogan insult case

The prosecutors in the western city of Mainz said they had not found sufficient evidence to continue the inquiry against Jan Boehmermann.

In March, Boehmermann recited a satirical poem on TV which made sexual references to Mr Erdogan.

Mr Erdogan then filed a complaint alleging that he had been insulted.

In a statement on Tuesday, the prosecutors said that "criminal actions could not be proven with the necessary certainty".