Gerehu General Hospital

Hospital Receives Essential Equipment

The equipment supplied include two Portable Sonoscape Ultrasound machines, two Pulse oximeters, Disposable test kits and combo pads. 

PIH Biomedical Engineering team helped to procure the specialized emergency equipment and making sure that safe installation and tests were run during handover.

An emotionally grateful Dr Ware Vagoli, Gerehu General Hospital’s Head of Department thanked BSP Group Chief Operating Officer Frank van der Poll upon receiving the equipment.

Armed men attack hospital staff

The suspects held up the bus with the driver and two passengers who were travelling to work.

Fortunately, Police chief inspector David Terry was passing through when he happened on the scene.

“This incident happened as we were passing them near the Morata vocational centre,” Terry posted on his Facebook page.

“I was going to drop my nephew at Morata Three when the criminals struck.

“My friend who was driving my vehicle stopped in the middle of the road when we saw the thugs attacking the victims inside the bus.

Gerehu hospital to receive medical equipment

The hospital, which is the second largest health care facility in NCD, services Port Moresby residents as well Central and Gulf provinces.

The hospital relieves the burden placed on Port Moresby General Hospital.

Thankfully, the Gerehu General Hospital Accident and Emergency will receive infusion pumps, cardiac monitors and syringe pumps from the Malaysian Association of PNG.

The handing over of these much-needed medical equipment will be done this Thursday primarily to facilitate life-saving medical care.

Gerehu hospital will resume operations: CEO

The hospital was still closed today with many patients turned away at the gate.

A new notice issued by the Hospital CEO, Dr Steven Yennie, says all hospital operations will commence tomorrow.

While normal hospital operations will resume, Dr Yennie appealed to the public, especially at Gerehu, to assist police in bringing any information forward that will assist in apprehending the suspects that held up the hospital bus last week.

Hospital shuts doors after holdup

Patients seeking treatment at the hospital since Friday were turned away at the gate, with many condemning the actions of the criminals responsible for Thursday's holdup.

When this newsroom visited the hospital today, security guards could be seen manning the gate, keeping it locked with a padlock and only allowing entry for very critical patients.

​New supplies for Gerehu hospital

The 40ft and 20ft are the first two of four containers promised to the hospital.

The containers come filled with hospital supplies, including beds, mattresses and X-ray equipment.

This move is to beef up the hospital facilities to a level 5 status.

Prior to receiving the status change, Gerehu Hospital was a major urban clinic. It is slowly undergoing changes to fit the status.

Over the past months, it has seen an increase in senior specialist medical officers from about 2 to at least 6 to date.

This number is still to increase.

​How early to start brushing?

18 months is safe, according to Colgate-Palmolive (PNG).

Colgate has a program called 'Mum You First' that educates mothers and caregivers of 18-month-old babies in medical health centres on how to introduce good oral health practices to their children early.

Most 18 month old babies can be involved because it is their last immunisation and is also safe to introduce supervised teeth brushing at this age.

Gerehu Acting CEO flays claims as untrue

In a statement, newly appointed Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Gerehu General Hospital, Dr. Steven Yennie rebutted and condemned a media statement released as baseless and unfactual

His office was not notified of or made aware of any medicines shortage scare as claimed. 

“We are managing all our pharmaceuticals supplies appropriately to ensure daily dispensing to both out patients, Emergencies and inpatients are adequate and restocking is done timely.”

Gerehu General Hospital launched with new board

Present to officiate the launching and swearing of the board was Secretary for the Department of Health, Pascoe Kase and Minister for Health, Michael Malabag.

The hospital has been without a board for a while and after today’s declaration, the hospital is now a stand-alone institution.

The hospital will stand away from NCD Health Services meaning that it will have a board of governors, a management team under the CEO.

Kase says NCD Health Services will be a different entity.

Launch of Gerehu General Hospital a milestone

“Many developments are taking place in our country in terms of infrastructures mostly to our major public hospitals,” according to the health department.

Secretary for Health, Pascoe Kase told a media conference at his office that, health of the people was moving forward and is ahead of challenges faced by the people of this nation.

The National Government is looking at the importance of health highly despite limited resources, Kase said adding that health indicators are showing that disease such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria have declined.