Geoffery Vaki

Legality of PM’s arrest warrant not reviewable

Justice Collin Makail today said the subject of the case, the arrest warrant, was not reviewable and was an abuse of the court process.

In dismissing the judicial review, he said the criminal process and procedures should not be stopped by a civil court or proceeding.

He said the criminal process is about fairness and must ensure it is heard in a reasonable time and no miscarriage of justice.

Vaki's lawyers file for bail

As the former top cop waited in the National Court’s holding cell, one of his lawyers, Sam Bonner filed an urgent application for bail with the Supreme Court.

Bonnar told PNG Loop an application has been filed before the Chief Justice.

He said the process now will be for the Chief Justice to appoint another judge, depending on their availability, to hear the application.

At around 11am, Vaki was sentenced by the National Court to 3 years hard labour for failing to effect the warrant of arrest against Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill.

Former Police boss sentenced to 3 years with hard labour

This is in relation to his failure to serve a warrant of arrest on Prime Minister Peter O'Neil.

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