Gender violence

Women resorting to violence: Court

Having dealt with a number of homicide cases involving women in the past, the court said the practice has become widespread when sentencing a Finschhafen woman this week to 15 years in jail.

The court sentenced Mosoreng Lindong of Laleng village after she pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter.

She admitted to killing an Osemba Urah on 17 February, 2017, at Ass Mambu black block in Lae.

She spent 8 months in pre-trial custody and will serve a remaining balance of 14 years and 4 months in jail.

GBV agenda hits parliament

The East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, made references to the recent pack rape of six female students, the attempted kidnapping of a female media person and the torture case of a six year old girl.

Governor Bird spoke about outstanding cases of abuse and violence perpetrated towards women in the country.

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill in response said that this is an important agenda given that the large majority of our population are equally concerned.

16 Days Activism launched at Van2017 Festival Village

This important occasion was marked at the Festival Village, which was a part of the Van2017 Korman site, and was run in conjunction with the Games Test Event where eight of the 14 sports were on display and testing the venues and infrastructure took place ahead of the December 4 Games opening.

The 16 Days of Activism was launched with a word of prayer followed by official speeches by leaders of the Government and NGOs.

Gender and family sexual based violence is a global issue

In a country like PNG, it threatens or is a social hindrance to the development.

And with the power of the media, service providers such as the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee under CIMC aim to address it.

A small group consisting of journalists in the media fraternity and partners and stakeholders in the area of GBV/FSV met on Thursday in a collaborative move towards this.

The media sensitisation workshop was to equip media personnel (journalists), with knowledge on;

Pakistan singer stops show to rescue harassed girl

A video of Atif Aslam interrupting his live performance in Karachi on Saturday has been shared thousands of times.

The popular singer told the alleged harassers: "Have you ever seen a girl? She could be your mother or a sister."

Pakistani media said the venue was overcrowded and that several girls reported being harassed.

Argentina announces new gender violence plan

Mr Macri said every 37 hours a woman was attacked in Argentina and that education was the key to ending deeply rooted cultural patterns of violence.

The plan, due to start next year, includes creating a network of women's refuges, and money for the electronic tagging of violent men.

Last year 235 women were killed in gender violence incidents in Argentina.

The government's National Plan for the Eradication of Violence against Women is putting into force a 2009 law.