Gary Jufa

Empower chieftaincy system: Juffa

Apart from community cohesion by working under the chief and following instruction for a peaceful living, there were other activities of unlawful behaviour that have also come under the microscope of the chieftaincy.

Governor Gary Juffa who visited Ambene Village last week accompanied by Provincial Police Commander Superintendent Michael Welly and Administrator Trevor Magei, said he was happy to see the surrendering of murder suspects to the law - skilfully organized by the village chiefs.

Large number of companies not paying tax

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, said the government is aware of such companies and will soon be dealing with them appropriately.

When officially opening the 2017 Leaders’ Summit this morning in Port Moresby, O’Neill said such companies are not needed in the country.

He told the leaders that to eradicate such problems, they need to engage with businesses and companies to fight such illegal companies.

Governor for Oro, Garry Juffa, has also raised this issue many times and called for tax exemptions review in the country.

Former taxman calls for tougher stance on tax evasion

He said the government is unfair in its ability to collect taxes due to the State from tax evaders.

Juffa stated that it is no secret that many companies operating in the fisheries and forestry sectors, and expatriates who owned properties earning profits from rentals were not paying taxes.

He added that the IRC was taking a timid approach towards tax evaders including transnational criminal syndicates and aggressively pursuing compliant entities and wage earners.