Gari Baki

All fraud officers will now be working in crimes directorate

Police Commissioner Gari Baki tells Loop PNG that these officers are all members of the constabulary and will be treated as such.

Baki: There is no vested interest in fraud office closure

Commissioner Gari Baki says he is also duty bound to make sure that all his personnel carry out investigations, but the process of informing the commissioner is important to ensure accountability.

Baki closes fraud office

Commissioner Gari Baki says that he has taken the stance to regain command and control of the police force.

Court stays Damaru's suspension

Police Commissioner Gari Baki suspended Damaru last weekend (Saturday).

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Signatures on no-confidence motion to be checked

The signatures on the motion for the vote of no-confidence (VONC) against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will have its authenticity confirmed.


HB Case: Empty shell matches weapon

Baki: 2016 Year of Police Discipline

In a media brief this afternoon, Baki outlined his intentions to get his senior rank and file in order so they can deal with an apparent lack of command and control.

In an 11 page address which also contained a 48 point run down of all police disciplinary offences, Baki told media that this year his administration would take a zero tolerance approach to abuse, ill-discipline and other conduct unbecoming of police personnel.

He stated that he would not hesitate to deal with senior officers who were found to be covering up or facilitating for such breaches of conduct.

Top cop: Training needs strengthening

The plan is for six months of basis training followed by six months of practical and then another six months in college.

However Baki wants to introduce behavioural subjects such as psychology, theology, ethics and morality, philosophy and history.

Currently, police recruits get six months of training.

He says that the  recruitment criteria is also very stringent with  nothing less than grade 12 students brought in with good grades.

Police investigators: Gun found in chase vehicle

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has confirmed that homicide detectives found a home made gun with no rounds of ammunition under the driver’s seat.

Detectives also found one empty 5.56mm round, believed to be from a police issued firearm and one round of a full buckshot 12 gauge cartridge whose origin has not yet been confirmed.

Investigators  were first on the scene on Thursday (November 26th) and the following morning.

Police call on shooting victim’s relatives and witnesses to come forward

Police Commissioner Gari Baki says that a report is yet to be completed  for the shooting incidents as the relatives of the dead man have yet to come forward to police.

Baki reiterated calls for the injured soldier, identified as Private James Bono, along with the woman in the vehicle,  Mr Rema’s  aunt Londe Pindia, to give their statements to police.

Meantime, eyewitnesses are also being called on to help police in their investigations.

Police boss: Shooting story does not add up

The Commissioner in a statement today said that contrary to what the media reported his cousin, the soldier who was accompanying him, Private James Beno was not shot when he gave himself up but was involved in a high chase speed at the time of the shooting.

Baki said in a brief given by the NCD Commander, Assistant Commissioner Sylvester Kalaut at about  8pm that evening the soldier’s vehicle sped through a road block that was set up by a Southern mobile squad group.

The road check was set up at the border of the Hohola and Tokarara suburbs near the main water tank area.