Garden Hills Arson

Donation Drive For G-Hills Arson Victims

“We are not just calling on the residents of Garden Hills to donate but anyone willing to come forward with donations is welcome. We will be here on Saturday from 1pm until late, and if you want to donate, come to Garden Hills and drop off your stuff, your donations will go a long way,” according to the neigbourhood watch group.

This is a call to action made by youths from the Garden Hills Neighbourhood watch who started a donation drive to assist the Wato family recover from a huge loss.

G-Hills Settlers to be Resettled

The governor extended his sympathies to those who lost loved ones and property in the incident and said the killings and burnings were unnecessary and unacceptable.

“They were not targeted at a specific ethnic group, but at a community.”

He said he made a commitment two years ago to resettle the Garden Hills settlers and reiterated this in June of this year.

Millions Lost To Arson

They say this could have been avoided had the police arrived on time to control the situation.

The family, from Enga Province lost a trade store and their home in retaliation for deaths they were not connected to.

Jenny was one of the first residents of Garden Hills, having moved to the area 39 years ago. She and Peter raised their children there, building their property worth over K3 million.