Take control, urges President

This was the sentiment shared by the Autonomous Region of Bougainville President, Ishmael Toroama, during last week’s opening of the annual ABG Leaders Symposium at the Hutjena Hall in Buka, North Bougainville.

This year’s leader’s symposium is themed ‘Implementing Independence Readiness’.

“Bougainville is on the cusp of taking control of its own politics and governance as an independent nation, no earlier than 2025 and no later than 2027. We must therefore make sure that our future is not left to chance and be deliberate in our intents,” Toroama said.

How 7 different women save their money

You're not alone if you feel way more comfortable dishing out the details of your sex life to your BFFs than you are revealing how much you earn. But money — earning it, spending it, saving it — is essential, and just having a casual convo about ca$h could inspire you to take a good, hard look at your own financial situation. Seven women from around the U.S. shared how much they're making and how much they're saving — and why they're saving it.

Can sweat patches revolutionise diabetes?

But rather than a gym-soaked t-shirt, it needs just one millionth of a litre of sweat to do the testing.

The team - in South Korea - showed the sensor was accurate and think it could eventually help patients with diabetes.

And in extra tests on mice, the sensor was hooked up to a patch of tiny needles to automatically inject diabetes medication.

The team at the Seoul National University were trying to overcome the need for "painful blood collection" needed in diabetes patients.