Fuel prices fall for April

The new prices come off the back of three consecutive months of fuel increases.

The new prices set as of April 8 see’s petrol sitting 311.5 toea per litre (tpl) after a reduction by 13.44 toea from 324.94 tpl; diesel at 255.79 tpl after dropping by 9.46tpl; and and Kerosene at 239.57 tpl following a decrease of 10.59 tpl.

In a statement the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) said the new prices are attributed to the decreases in the ‘Import Parity Prices’ (IPP) due to the decreases in the Mean of Platts Singapore (MOPS) in March.

Discount fuel for Puma customers as 'thank you'

 Also customers will see a 10 toea per litre discount when refilling as a sign of thank you to its customers.   

It will be a breath of relief for vehicle owners in the capital city who in the last three weeks have had to join long queues to get their vehicle petrol tanks filled, because only Mobil fuel stations were selling petrol.

Fuel crisis looming

A staff member told LOOP News that they were briefed last week that the company had made a decision to stop supplying petrol over the weekend.

LOOP News tried unsuccessfully to get confirmation from PNG Puma management today.

However a statement on this is expected today ( Monday}.

It is understood Puma has been negotiating with the government over K4 billion in taxes it has been asked to pay for crude oil it imports into the country.