'Afghan Girl' from National Geographic cover arrested for ID fraud

Sharbat Gula could now face a fine and up to 14 years in jail.

Officials say she was arrested by Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) after a two-year probe in Peshawar, near the Afghan border.

Pakistan recently launched a crackdown against fake IDs.

Mrs Gula applied for an identity card in April 2014, using the name Sharbat Bibi. If the fraud allegations are true, she is one of thousands of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan who have tried to dodge its computerised system.

NAQIA Acting Managing Director held at fraud

Acting NAQIA head, Joel Alu is accused of double dipping his vehicle privileges with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock.

Director Fraud squad, Mathew Damaru told LOOP PNG, Alu is dipping into his vehicle allowance of over K64,000 while using a NAQIA provided vehicle.


Maladina appeals conviction

His lawyers filed the appeal application last week after he was convicted for conspiracy and the misappropriation of K2.65 million on May 21.

He was sentenced to two years in prison with a fully suspended jail term and placed on two years good behavor bond by the Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika on August 14.

Maladina's lawyers told Justice Stephen Kassman this morning (September 21) that the appeal was filed and an appeal book also served to the Public Prosecutors office.

New Mexico secretary of state pleads not guilty to fraud

Two-term Republican Secretary of State Dianna Duran is accused of funneling campaign contributions to her personal bank accounts and withdrawing large sums of money at casinos around the state.

Duran sat silently next to her attorney, who entered the pleas on her behalf in state district court. It marked her first public appearance since the charges were leveled in a 64-count complaint more than two weeks ago.

Chinese farmer pretended to be princess to commit fraud

Wang Fengying and her co-accused Yang Janglin said she was called Princess Changping and persuaded people to lend them money to help them get back assets worth billions of dollars held by authorities, the Lianhu District Court in Shaanxi province said.

They promised high returns on the investments and the fraud lasted two years until a victim went to the police, the court said in a statement Tuesday. In the meantime, Wang had bought a sedan car and put a down payment on an apartment.