Fraud Squad

Acting police head defends B’ville probe

This was the statement made by Acting Commissioner of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, Francis Tokura, following claims on social media that the investigations were being targeted at destabilizing Bougainville before the referendum.

“As Acting Commissioner of Police for the RPNGC and as the substantive Head of the Bougainville Police Service (BPS), I want to make it clear that the investigations taking place are the result of allegations made regarding a number of audits and financial matters,” he explained.

Fraud squad arrests former Wabag MP

The 56-year-old was formally arrested this week and slapped with three charges of official corruption, abuse of office and misappropriation of funds.

Details into his arrest will be released soon by the police.

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Governor responds to officer’s arrest

Yama made this statement after the arrest of deputy Electoral Commissioner Administration Simon Sinai on Monday by the fraud squad in Port Moresby.  

Yama said political offices are public offices where transparency and honesty should be maintained at all times.

He said the arrest of Sinai was just one out many that are yet to come, and thanks the fraud squad for a job well done.

“Electoral officials must not change what the people have decided on the ballot papers.

“Their duty was to be transparent and honest in anything they do.”

Charges on Damaru stayed

The court stayed the recent charges laid against Damaru.

He was charged for one count of Abuse of Office and Deprivation of Liberty in relation to the arrest of Justice Bernard Sakora.

The Police Commissioner and his servants were also restrained from taking any action against members of the Fraud Squad arising out of or in relation to the arrest of Justice Bernard Sakora until further orders by the court.

These orders were granted after lawyer representing the plaintiffs, McRonald Nale of Jema Lawyers made ex-parte submissions seeking leave to stay the charges.

Fraud building still closed due to Damaru’s hearing

An inside source at the fraud office said the delay was because director Matthew Damaru’s termination hearing is in session at the courthouse.

There will be a meeting however at the police headquarters at 1.30pm today after the court hearing. This is for all officers with the Commission of Police.

The fraud office will reopen soon after the meeting.

Baki asked to lift closure of fraud office

Baki appeared before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika who gave him the discretion to lift his earlier directions to close the fraud office.

Sir Gibbs told Baki that the office must remain open so the public can make reports and officers can perform their constitutional functions.

"I am asking you to reopen the office so work can progress. The office does not belong to you or me or anyone else," Sir Gibbs told Commissioner Baki in a packed courtroom.

Sir Michael Somare urges MPs to protest against O’Neill

He urged the MPs to represent the interest of their electorates and the true intent of the Constitution.

Sir Michael said: “People of Papua New Guinea must not tolerate elected leaders who are condoning the actions of Peter O’Neill regime by remaining silent. Silence means acceptance of the glaring abuses of processes that are taking place around us.

“Before long our institutions will be completely useless because elected leaders have neglected their duties to stand up against the current manipulations by leaders holding high offices.

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Damaru says to ‘fight for Papua New Guinea’

"I am a Papua New Guinean and will fight for Papua New Guinea."

Church elder slashed with bush knife over headmaster debate

Former attorney-general slams 'untouchable' PM & police chief

Police officers loyal to the commissioner locked down the fraud squad's office with chains on Monday, after the country's top anti-corruption policeman Matthew Damaru was granted a court order to stop the commissioner from suspending him.

Commissioner Gari Baki suspended Chief Superintendant Damaru purportedly over an unrelated investigation in Simbu province.

He denied the suspension was due to the fraud squad's recent arrest of Attorney-General Ano Pala, Supreme Court judge Bernard Sakora, and the Prime Minister's lawyer Tiffany Twivey Nonggorr.

Baki flawed over suspension, says former CJ

The comment from Sir Arnold came as Commissioner Gari Baki suspended anti-fraud detectives who had been investigating a major fraud case implicating the prime minister Peter O'Neill.

After being the subject of a stay order since 2014, the investigation resumed two weeks ago, prompting the arrests of the prime minister's lawyer, the attorney-general and a Supreme Court judge last week.

Baki had accused the suspended fraud squad officers of insubordination and circumventing police procedures by not keeping him informed of the fraud case.