Francis Potape

Hela leaders call for respect

Petitioners Francis Potape, Dr Hewali Hemia and incumbent MP Philip Undialu had their lawyers address the court today on whether to hear the two petitions separately or together after Undialu’s lawyer asked the court to vary the orders which joined the two petitions for trial.

Potape, who brought in a total of 60 witnesses from Hela, Mt Hagen, Lae and as far as Wewak, is calling for respect and peace among the supporters.

“I don’t want anyone to threaten anyone. No one should threaten any of the witnesses,” Potape said.

Bando seeks contempt charges against Potape

He is seeking the orders of the court to have Potape charged with contempt of court for allegedly breaching an order of the court from May 26.

The contempt proceeding arises from a judicial review filed by Bando regarding his suspension on April 12.

Bando alleges that Potape disobeyed a court order from May 26, restraining him from interfering with the Hela executive council.

It is alleged that despite that restraining order, Potape went ahead and appointed a new provincial Election Steering Committee for the Hela Province.

Potape's bid to restrain return of writs fails

Potape's lawyer filed the urgent application before the Waigani National Court on July 27.

This application was heard and refused this morning by Justice Derek Hartshorn.

The court was of the view that Potape's rights will not be affected if the orders he is asking the court for is not granted.

However he still has the right to file an Election Petition on the alleged error of the electoral process.

Potape went to court claiming the declaration of member elect, Philip Undialu was flawed following the elimination of Dr Hamia Hewali.

Undialu: Potape should just accept defeat

He said the people of Hela have spoken through the ballot papers and this must be respect.

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG Governor Undialu stressed that Potape was coming up with all sorts of excuses to bring him down.

He said allegations raised by Potape against his win were all lies and made up adding that the right channel for him to follow is to go to court.

The member elect adds that the people of Hela are tired of such leaders and want to move Hela forward.

VIDEO: Hela regional hijack

Mr Potape said there is evidence showing he won the Hela Regional Seat at the final exclusion but accused the Election manager and Mr Undialu for robbing him off his win. 


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Leave Hela politics alone: Potape

Potape made these remarks this afternoon in a media conference in Port Moresby after his victory was allegedly hijacked by the Provincial Election Manager John Tipa.

“This is Hela politics at its best and am appealing to the good Prime Minister to not get involved in it as it might spoil the good relationship his party have with the people of Hela,” says Potape.

My victory was hijacked: Potape

In a media conference today, Potape said Undialu’s election victory is fake because it did not follow proper legal process.

“I am the duly elected Governor by the people of Hela as their Regional Member but have been denied declaration by the Provincial Returning officer,” says Potape.

After the final elimination of the last candidate in the race, Dr Hewali Hamiya, Potape collected 14,642 bringing his total score to 67,435 while Undialu collected 6,741 which brings his score to 65,836.

Potape disputes declaration claim

Loop PNG understands that, Philip Undialu, has been declared as Governor-elect for Hela Province by Election Manager John Tipa.

However, this is being disputed by Francis Potape, alleging that Tipa burnt the master tally board this morning before doing the declaration.

Potape further alleges that Tipa had been bribed by the People’s National Congress (PNC) Party to declare Undialu without following the proper legal process.

Potape told Loop PNG from Tari that after the final elimination, his score was 67,435 while Undialu collected 65,836.

VIDEO: Hela candidates petition PNGEC

Francis Potape on behalf of six candidates said they have provided the Electoral Commissioner enough evidence for him to fail the Elections in Hela.


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Potape’s application adjourned

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia adjourned the case yesterday to give time to lawyers to obtain specific instructions from their clients in the case.

The adjournment was granted after lawyer for Koroba-Lake Kopiago MP, Philip Undialu, told the court he was yet to get instructions from his client, who was on a campaign trail in Hela.

Both Potape and Undialu are contesting the Hela Regional Seat in the 2017 National General election.