Frabelle PNG Limited

Planned protest march dismissed

According to Chief Inspector Timothy Pomoso, who is standing in for the Lae metropolitan superintendent, says though police were informed of a planned protest on Monday morning, the planned protest was dismissed.

In earlier reports, a spokesperson for the workers had raised concerns of their remunerations and their working times, which they had brought across with a stop work strike.

However, spokesperson Mathew Som confirmed with TVWAN News that the situation has been contained and all workers have been informed to go back to work.

Frabelle staff extend stop work


Despite the management of the company promising to address one of the two issues raised in a petition, which was delivered on Monday, staff have decided to continue their protest.

Spokesperson for staff, Mathew Som, told Loop PNG that during a meeting this morning, management had agreed to count hours worked on Sunday as overtime.

He said the initial arrangement saw staff work Sundays but their hours were paid as regular and not overtime.

Frabelle staff on strike

Staff went on strike as of 8am this morning and plan to extend to a week if responses to two petitions are not met by management.

Mathew Som, a spokesperson on behalf of staff, spoke to Loop PNG from Lae saying that strike is over pay rise increments and staff overworked without being compensated.

He said firstly, staff salary increments were made by a toea or two annually, which they say is not right since the Bank of PNG has ceased circulation of the one toea and two toea coins.

Staff want salary increments to be increased to around 50 toea or more.