Former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent

Lack of leadership eats at Police Force, says Bawa

These were the words from the former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent; Andy Bawa after his case was dismissed in court because of lack of evidence.

Bawa on his take of the police force in NCD says it boils down to leadership.

He says what we are seeing is basically all about leadership, there is a lack of leadership and provided that we have good leaders in the force.

“I am sure we can be able to fix a lot of those ongoing issues that are currently being faced in the community.

Bawa: Court decision is a huge relief for me

In a press conference after the hearing, Bawa said that from the start, he had maintained his stand that he had done the right thing in following the administrative process.

“I believe that I was charged for doing the right thing. For following due process and being accountable for the allegations that they made against me and that has been my stand since day one,” Bawa said.

Bawa says he had even approached his successor to try to explain to him over the allegations that what he had alleged was not true but despite many attempts, the allegations were put forward.”