Former Chief Migration Officer

Kantha refutes Minister’s claims

In a statement issued on December 12, Kantha said the allegations of him walking out with three suitcases filled with sensitive files was a blatant lie by the Minister to tarnish his reputation.

Kantha said he is considering filing defamatory proceedings in Court against the Minister for issuing a baseless and fabricated media statement on the reasons for revocation of his appointment. 

Kantha’s appointment illegal, says Minister

Minister Nukundj said the Office of the State Solicitor has not given the legal clearance for the appointment of Kantha as Chief Migration Officer citing serious flaws and omissions and there was no valid contract of employment between him and the State, as his appointment was illegal.

Nukundj said he was not on the shortlist of candidates recommended by Ministerial Executive Appointment Committee (MEAC) at that material time.