ENB Governor concerned

Nakikus Konga expressed this during a recent International Day of Forests event.

The 7th International Day of Forests was observed by the PNG Forest Authority in Port Moresby on the 21st of March.

Though he was not in the program, the ENB Governor grabbed the opportunity to highlight the steady decrease of forest cover.

β€œIn East New Britain we have been logging them for the last, almost 80 years, let me tell you,” said Konga. β€œTaim yumi no bin kisim indipendens yet em ol i logim diwai pinis lo hap blo mi.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory report vital for PNG

PNG is among many countries under the UNFCCC that rectified the Paris Agreement and must report on their status on the NGHGI.

The Paris Agreement and the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) that underpin the Agreement provide a framework for the collective action necessary to address global climate change.

This includes specific action in the agriculture and land-use sector.

Govt hosting of Forest Ministers meeting welcomed

Campaign coordinator Eddie Tanago says it would be an excellent opportunity to remind the government of its record on Special Agriculture Business Lease and land grab issues.

He says many landowners whose land had been taken under the SABL system had not yet been given back their land.