Foreign Missions

Vaccine Directions: AROB and Foreign Missions

For Bougainville, effective Wednesday 5th May and in force for the duration of the pandemic, or as amended in writing by the Controller:

The Bougainville Department of Health is authorized to administer COVID-19 vaccination under the Papua New Guinea Government National Vaccination program;

Foreign mission payments being resolved: Minister

He said delays in the processing of payments have caused inconvenience and have been most unfortunate, but progress is being made to prevent a reoccurrence in the future.

“The decision to directly fund foreign missions from Treasury has faced delays in initial implementation but will have long term benefits when problems are resolved,” Minister Pato said.

PNG foreign missions in need of operational funds, says Juffa

Juffa stated that he had been informed by reliable sources in several missions that they have not been paid for up to three fortnights.

He said that in the Solomon Islands water had been cut and power would soon follow.

Juffa further reiterated that it was totally embarrassing for the Pacific’s largest economy to be grandstanding at various international meetings and promoting APEC when it could not fund its international stations and was unable to fund its elections and free health and school fee policy.