Armed men attack Sabama family

Aora Avee and her family were forced by a group men, numbering 20, to vacate the home after the group claimed they had the title to the home, which is a National Housing Corporation property.

Quick intervention by Police from Badili saw the arrest of 13 perpetrators and stopped any further destruction.

Avee said in all her life, she had never experienced something so terrifying, when the armed men broke down the gate and began to destroy property and chase them out.

Forced to marry at 15

She wants to complete her education but she has two children, both below the ages of 5 who she must care for as well.

Jeremiah laughs, interrupting her thoughts, and she pulls him closer to her chest. He is her second child, and from a marriage of her choice.

Agnes was married once before. “But it was not love,” she says as she strokes Jeremiah’s hair, who obviously is unaware of what his mother has been through.