Motu Koita FODE celebrates graduation

The Motu Koita FODE College stands as a critical pillar in providing fee-free education pathways for individuals who for various reasons had missed out on traditional high school education.

In a city like Port Moresby where unemployment looms large, initiatives like this are essential in equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to secure entry-level jobs or pursue further education.

FODE empowers Motu Koita community

The event aimed to provide an opportunity for community members to explore the college, engage in various activities, and gain valuable insights into the significance of Motu Koita FODE.

The open day commenced with a vibrant display of traditional dancers who warmly welcomed attendees into the Motu Koita FODE campus. Visitors were then invited to embark on a comprehensive tour of the college, allowing them to understand the importance of FODE, its operational mechanisms, and how they can enroll for the upcoming academic year.

Lae Teachers Threatened

Staff at Lae’s Flexible Open and Distance Education office are being threatened by frustrated former students and their parents.

Students who graduated from the Lae Community College since 2018 are yet to receive their Grade 10 and 12 certificates.

Head teacher, Cephas Malum, said despite their numerous emails, calls and visits to the Flexible Open and Distance Education headquarters at Waigani, the certificates of students from 2018 to 2021 are yet to be sent to Lae.

Building A Stronger, Smarter Community

The students were accepted into a University where they will be studying for their Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Simberi’s Flexible Distance & Open Education (FODE) Coordinator, Patrick Nesen said the students have become role models to other youths on the island.

Ruthlyne Noah and Emmanuel Kivung both passed their grade 12 exams and will study at the Divine Word University (DWU) campus in Rabaul.

Everyday People PNG: Noelyn Wati

The loss of his father, Noelyn’s eldest son lost hope in his studies, and no matter how much she tried to encourage him to pursue education, she felt it better to do the walk, than talk.

Through the Seventh Day Adventist community-based program, Noelyn took up short courses and in 2018 volunteered to teach at the Bisiatabu Primary School in Sogeri.

Noelyn said the short courses she did, helped her understand basics of teaching elementary students and it was a joy to see them learn and grow, giving her the confidence to build and grow in this profession.