Fly River Provincial Government

It must be a standalone gas project!

“This statement is on behalf of P’nyang Gas Project landowners, Western Province and the 8 million shareholders of Papua New Guinea,” says Western Governor Taboi Awi Yoto.  

While welcoming the recent announcement by O’Neill-Abel Government on the accomplishment of the national building policies to ensure its citizens participate more fully and directly in our country’s gas industry, Yoto noted that the Fly River Provincial Government has to use this opportunity to benefit its people by utilising development of gas projects in the province.

Court: Biyama to remain as Governor

The Waigani National Court on Friday refused an application filed by Ati Wobiro, seeking injunctive orders against members of the Fly River Provincial Government as well as Biyama from acting in the Governor’s post.

Wobiro asked the court to put a stay on the election of Biyama dated 13 February and restrain him from carrying out duties as Governor.

Justice Hitelai Polume-Kiele refused the reliefs sought by Wobiro because the court was of the view that there was a vacancy in the Governor’s post by operation of law following Wobiro’s sentence on Nov 18, 2016.

OTML announces dividends

This is one-third of total dividend of K150 million declared by OTML for payment in December 2016.

The revelation of dividend payments should be welcome news for affected villages and CMCA landowners who, although received compensation payments, did not get dividend payments in 2015 due to the mine’s closure.

The announcement comes off the back of OTML performing strongly despite restarting operations in March this year following a seven-month closure due to the El Nino drought.