Dozens missing after India dam collapses

The floodwaters burst open a dam and a deluge of water poured through a valley in the state of Uttarakhand.

Villages have been evacuated, but officials warned more than 125 people may have been caught in the torrent.

Video showed the floodwater barrelling through the area, leaving destruction in its wake.

One witness said a wall of water and rock sped down the Dhauli Ganga river so quickly there was no time to sound the alarm.

Central govt to deliver relief supplies for villages

Villages from Aipeana, Veifa'a, Rarai, Gagaifua, Inawaia,Inawani and up towards North Mekeo villages of Apanaipi and upstream to the river villages will receive supplies on Thursday.

Governor for Central, Robert Agarobe, and Provincial Administrator Gei Guni Raga, will be at PB Cheung Koki tomorrow (March 8) to witness the loading of these relief food stuff of rice and noodles.

Water-borne diseases on rise in province

This was revealed by Dr Cindy Gaso, who is based at the Veifa’a mission run hospital.

The doctor also revealed that the hospital, which usually caters for the villagers, has also been affected by the flood.

“Sanitation and water will be a major issue,” she said.

“This may go on for at least six months or even a year.

“What is important now is the water supply; pit toilets were over flooded, flowing into the water wells, which causes decontamination.”

Dr Gaso noted that the recovery period will be a long one.

Relief planned for flooded Central villages

Most affected are the areas from the Mekeo area of the province.

Yesterday the disaster coordinator and a representative from Red Cross did an aerial survey of the area.

They flew from the mouth of the Angabanga River upstream to Veifa’a, Ipiana, Amiata and the Central, West and East Mekeo area.

There was evidence of severe flooding which has since subsided while a few houses seen to have been flooded could be seen from the air.

The aftermath

But the aftermath of the past few days is still evident.

The Laloki River just outside NCD flooded its banks late yesterday.

It flowed into residential areas and was about waist deep by this morning.

Resident Agnes Moroi said this is a usual yearly occurrence, one that greatly affects residents of the area.

Families were forced to harvest their gardens, commuting into the area stopped and other daily routines slowed.

Some families had to relocate their livestock and find a temporary option until the flood level goes down.

Flash flood warning for Central Province

The Central Provincial Administration, through the provincial disaster office, has urged villagers along the coastal areas and rivers, stream beds, drainage ditches and culverts to take extra precaution.

Flooding cuts off access into Kimbe

The temporary Bailey bridge that was set up was no match for the vicious strength of the river.

This part of the highway is at Ivule in Bialla, Talasea District of West New Britain Province.

It is the only highway that links Kimbe Town to Bialla Town.

It is not only important for the general public who travel to Kimbe to access most services but an important economic highway for oil palm company, Hargy Oil Palm Limited.

West New Britain Provincial Works manager, Aura Banka, says this is not the first time; Ivule has flooded and cut off road links before.

Commuters stranded

Parents, especially those travelling up to leave their children at Iarowari High School, have no choice but to wait for the river to subside.

Even those wishing to travel into Port Moresby are facing the same issue on the other side of the river.

The nation’s capital and Central Province have been experiencing continuous rainfall since the weekend, with rivers flooding their banks and drains overspilling onto roads.

The wet weather has also prompted most schools to send students home.

More to follow…

(Pictures by Lucy Arere)


The houses belong to senior officers of the police hierarchy.

The residences have been flooded since last Thursday.

At this stage it is unclear whether the deluge is caused by a blockage or improper drainage.

However, residents believe the flooding may be due to the lack of proper drainage as they claim the main drain has been clogged up.

The families have raised concerns that this is a barracks that caters for officers of law and order but yet, they live in degrading conditions.

Recent rain causes flooding in Central Province

If you cannot adapt, you either move to a more suitable environment or you lose the battle of survival.

In PNG where weather can be unpredictable at times, it has become a game of nature versus man

And like many who live near a river, when raining season is on, the people of Laloki along the Hiritano highway, Central Province have to be on alert. Because, any time now, it may flood!

The last couple of days has been good on Port Moresby.

However, the continuous rain has put those residing along the riverside on the downside.