Firearm licenses

Police cancels firearm licence

The suspect, Fiebik Simon, while allegedly under the influence of alcohol, used a firearm to threaten a woman in the National Capital District and refused to surrender his weapons to police.

Commissioner Manning, as the Registrar of Firearms, cancelled Simon’s two gun licences and forfeited his firearms to the custody of the state.

Minister declares moratorium on new gun licences

This is in the wake of an unprecedented trend of gun-related violence and killings reported in parts of Papua New Guinea.

The ban will remain in effect for an indefinite period.

Minister Wong said the government is taking this measure because of the increasing number of gun-related violence and killings reported in certain parts of the country in recent times.

These include the shooting deaths of four policemen – two in Enga at the height of the recently concluded 2017 National General elections and two in Southern Highlands Province last weekend.